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Palm Beach Bachelorette Party Ideas

Hamptons bachelorette party lunch and day drinking

Hamptons bachelorette party lunch and day drinking

Palm Beach Bachelorette Parties

When mapping out the perfect bachelorette weekend, your I-Do crew will want to put a pin in the most must-see and be-seen spots on the East End. Ironically, the start of your list should begin at The End, or The Last Resort, as Montauk is commonly referred to due to its location at the tip of Long Island.

A Mash-up of Old and Super-New Montauk

Everyone has undoubtedly seen the iconic picture of the lighthouse in Montauk Point State Park. At 200 years old, this beamer was authorized by George Washington in 1792, just to give you an example of the deep history you’ll find everywhere in this sleepy Hamlet that wakes up each summer to the yearly migration of vacationers coming in like a tidal wave to make some history of their own.

The Montauk Point Lighthouse is a historic landmark with a museum located in the house where its keeper lived in 1860. Today, Montauk Point is a point of interest to people cruising in Montauk Harbor from all over the world. Make sure to have your Montauk party boat captain point it out.

The Montauk locals (Montauketts), although far outnumbered by seasonal visitors, have created a haven of incredible places for your group to stay, to do, to eat, and to shop-without-dropping—although we do suggest penciling in a short nap because a bachelorette getaway isn’t a bachelorette getaway without partaking in the nightlife in Montauk that puts the “what happens in Montauk” in your Montauk bachelorette weekend.

Plan hotels and restaurants, ahead of time

Plan hotels and restaurants, ahead of time

Getting Your Montauk Bachelorette Party Started

With so many things to do in Montauk, and all the beautiful scenery and eye candy in the area, you could spend the entire summer in Montauk and never get bored. But since the wedding is soon, we have put together a sort of “starter-kit” to help you make the most of your Montauk weekend getaway.

Montauk Beach House in the heart of town

Montauk Beach House in the heart of town

Places To Stay in Montauk

Boujie, Beachy and Basic – They’ve got it all here. There are so many incredible options for accommodations that when you google “places to stay in Montauk’, you’re going to want to sleep at a different venue every night and pool-hop all day long.

They’ve got your mom and pop bed and breakfasts (not a bachelorette party vibe), extravagant condos with jaw-dropping views (awesome), and hotels with all the luxury amenities on the planet. If you want a party house take the air bnb route, but we’re thinking full-service hotel might be the best choice for your bachelorette bonding, so we’ve listed just a few of the places we know you can stay without reservation—but where you will need a reservation asap.

The Montauk Beach House

One of the top-rated Hotels, Montauk Beach House, is located right in the heart of town and one of those destination guests return to year after year. Woodsy and wonderful, this amped up refurbished motel has everything your group needs to gather (gossip a little) and gawk. You’ll be steps from the beach, have great food options and an outdoor pool and bar scene that’ll keep your toes in the water from morning ‘til morning.

You have everything you need at Gurney’s

You have everything you need at Gurney’s

Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa, Bachelorette Bliss in Montauk

With 100 rooms, Gurney’s is one of the biggest hotels in Montauk. This upscale resort has all the amenities you can imagine and features a large indoor pool and Roman bath to luxuriate in, that is if you can bring yourself to leave your stylish modern room; some with awesome views of the water. Gurney’s has its own private beach, and loads of yummy cuisine.

Relax and rejuvenate at Gurney's seawater spa

Relax and rejuvenate at Gurney’s seawater spa

Relax and Rejuvenate at Gurney’s Seawater Spa

When you land at Gurney’s, you really don’t have to go anywhere else, except maybe their Seawater Spa, updated just this year. This upscale spa offers all the beautiful spa basics plus some you might have to look up, like chromotherapy and hydrotherapy (sounds like water so it must be amazing). If you can’t get in a whole spa day, you can try to squeeze in a few hours of proper posh pampering.

 A luxurious escape from the city before the wedding events

A luxurious escape from the city before the wedding events

Hero Beach Club

You might notice the original 1950’s architecture, but the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop is what makes Hero’s boutique resort such a popular place to stay. It’s laid-back atmosphere calls to those looking to commune with some Montauk nature as it is surrounded by the 13,000 acres of protected Peconic Dune Land Trust made up of Long Island farmland, woodland and wetlands. Clean, beautiful and elegant, this is not so much a party hub as an oasis in which to relax between adventures so if your group is looking for a more low-key bachelorette weekend, this place might just be the hero you (not the bride of course) have been looking for.

Hamptons beautiful white sand beaches are its main attraction

Hamptons beautiful white sand beaches are its main attraction

Born Free Suites By The Sea

If you want to be near the water and shopping district, but not looking for a fancy-shmancy place, Born Free might fit the bill. This clean motel offers rooms with your own fridge and a BBQ grill to make a party for just you and your tribe. No fancy vibe here, but guests always comment on the super nice staff and you’re just 200 feet from popular Kirk Park Beach where you will get your fill of sand, food, drink and water sports.

Every room at Montauk Manor is unique

Every room at Montauk Manor is unique

Montauk Manor

Sounds and looks a little like it could be haunted, but the ghosts must be friendly because this Montauk stable is always booked solid. Every room here has a unique décor. They offer full kitchens, an indoor and outdoor pool, full spa service, free parking, free wi-fi, and tennis courts if your group is into that. It’s also got a fitness center if you’re the kind of besties that think working out is the ultimate good time.

Each room at Montauk Manor is unique

Also check out: Culloden House Motel, Ram’s Head Inn, and Sole East Resort (modern beach chic with a surfin’ ambience), to name just a few more. With so many great options, you’ll find the perfect place to land in The End.

A Yacht Hampton Bachelorette Party Destination

No matter where you’re all resting your heads, you’ll want to set course for Montauk at some point during your Montauk bachelorette weekend. Many bachelorette parties take their boat to dock in Montauk for playtime on and off the water. One of the best benefits of having your Yacht Hampton party boat (besides cruising around on one of newest and coolest boats on the Atlantic) is the flexibility to do (or not do) whatever floats your boat at the time.

Your Yacht Hampton’s certified captain not only makes your time on the water a breeze, but you’ve got a built-in area insider aboard who is familiar with all the best places for your bachelorette party to dock.

Things To Do in Montauk

Now that you’ve hit town, it’s time to breathe in the Montauk air, bask in the sun, and live a bit of the local lifestyle. Montauk has something for everyone, that’s why everyone wants to come!

Montauk Hiking and Biking

People don’t just hike and bike while they’re here—they actually come here to do it. There are six state parks in Montauk. Including beaches, that’s 5,000 acres of area to walk, or grab and bike (some hotels have them to use) and cycle the day away. The beautiful scenery will make you all forget how many miles are on your Fitbit, and the historic sites of the town are enough to hold the attention of any of your crew interested in pure Americana. Of course, while you’re out and about, you have to go to the lighthouse, take in that stunning view, and ask a friendly soul to take your group photo.

Horseback Riding

One of the big draws out there on The End is a Montauk Horseback Ride. With all the beautiful trails and beaches, you might want to horse around a little and take in the scenery this way. One of the big drawbacks, or rather challenges, is that the experiences vary from person to person at the same group of stables. We suggest you ask each one for exactly what you’re looking for. Specify the time of your ride, your price, and where you will get to ride. Ask straight out if you will get to ride along the beach. BTW: most of the riding places expect you to pony up cash, so make sure you don’t have to hit the atm before you hit the trails.

All Things Water

A visit to Montauk means one thing for most everyone: water. The majority are happy to put their toes in the Atlantic or hotel pool, soak up the natural bronzer and exert themselves just enough to get on a raft and lay back for hours on end (Your Yacht Hampton Boat Charter has that activity covered). But Montauk is famous for its incredible fishing, surfing, kayaking and…skishing? We’ll explain.

In 1995, Montauk became the birthplace of this extreme sport where the fisher, dressed in a wetsuit and flippers, swims into the ocean with a rod and reel, and attempts to catch fish as they drift (or skim) offshore. We mention it because it is uniquely Montauk, but understand if you’d rather stick to sitting on the dock of the bay, or looking for seals by the lighthouse while strolling the waterline.

Looking for some balance on your trip? Pop into the Air and Speed Surf Shop and ask them about surfing lessons, including wetsuits and board rentals. This, of course, will also require a Montauk Bachelorette Party group photo.

Self-Care. Finally, The Perfect Montauk Bachelorette Party Plan

It’s about time, right? All the full-service hotels have places to mani-pedi, and many also have a day spa where your wedding crew can indulge in some relaxing pre-wedding me-time. The Montauk Salt Cave offers yoga, meditation, massage, facials, reiki and even sound-healing (which you will also get while listening to a local band, holding a Montauk Mai Tai).

Really, there’s everything here you can think of in the exercise category; New York Pilates, Cinema Cy-cle theater and Montauk’s Love yoga studio specializing in quality mat time.

Montauk Bachelorette Nightlife

You’re here to celebrate and Montauk is a party spot every night of the week all summer long. There’s new ‘IT’ places every year so don’t be afraid to ask where the current hotspots are. But there are some places you can’t go wrong. And if one locale doesn’t float your boat, there’s another dozen right down the beach. Local Fact: Montauk has over 100 restaurants and bars.

The Pool Club at Gurney’s Montauk Yacht Club

Overlooking a 232 slip marina, this pool club is really a day or night destination to swim, relax, enjoy a delicious frozen drink, and watch the boats as they come in and out (people watching is considered a vacation activity here).

The Regent Firepit At Gurney’s Montauk

For an elegant and relaxed evening of cocktails, this is one place in town bookable for private parties. And the Beach Club (yes, they have a pool club and a beach club) here is awesome, but you must either have reservations or be a guest of the hotel. (Pssst: Ask your Yacht Hampton Captain for advice about navigating the Montauk scene.)


Fire pits, lawn games, dance floor, long lines. Fun and crowded, you have to get there early or expect to wait, especially on weekends. But once you’re there, you’ll be happy you landed.

The Point Bar and Grill

This is the only sports bar in town, so if you’re all itching to watch a game, or enjoy watching other people watching games, this is the bar for you.

Montauket Hotel

With it’s amazing sunset view, and local Montauk brew, this friendly small-town hangout is a perfect choice for your Bachelorette party to wind down and watch the day turn into night.

Memory Motel

Yeah, the Rolling Stones made it famous and the Memory Motel remains well-known for its after-hours beyond last call nightlife. You might not hang out all night but you’ll want to add it to your pub crawl for sure.

The Surf Lodge – The “Party” For Your Mauntauk Bachelorette Party

Okay, this is the most elite bar in Montauk, notorious for celebrity sightings. Cool, but you must be on the A-lister to get in, so you might want to shmooze it up at a fancy hotel pool and try to score an invite.

The Surf Lodge Montauk

The Surf Lodge Montauk, New York

Surf Lodge is Montauk’s see-and-be-seen scene where the crème of The End enjoy boujie time sipping swan drinks while catching rays to the beat of beachy live music.

Known for average food but greater-than-average fun, The Surf Lodge mainly serves up a crowd of socialites socializing in a movie-like setting that epitomizes the lifestyle here. This is a suggested stop on your Montauk Bachelorette Party tour, if only for a single (for the time being) cocktail.

Navy Beach

By far the Best Sunset in Montauk, it’s almost as if it’s been special ordered. That’s why there are so many weddings herePlus, Navy Beach features cabana-like seating, a cucumber Fizz and blood orange piscine that makes the five-minute ride from town center seem like five seconds.

Always more in Montauk: Check out the Grey Lady if you want to hit a nautical themed party bar, or the Liar’s Saloon for a true fisherman’s dive bar.

Don’t Even Get Us Started on Montauk Eateries

Bride-to-be and Bachelorettes listen up. We haven’t even touched on the long list of fantastic places to eat in Montauk. This is the kind of town where you really can’t get a bad meal. Well, you can, but you might have to eat like a hundred to get one and it’s so worth the attempt.

Montauk is Fresh Seafood

Atlantic Fresh Seafood is everywhere here, starting with lobster rolls at your choice of The Lobster Roll and Clam Barat (flip a coin) even before you hit town. Restaurants featuring every style of food reinvent their dishes to incorporate fresh seafood of every kind. Share group portions of Italian food made with home-grown produce at Harvest on Fort Pond. Drop in at Rick’s Crabby Coffee Café for a seafood and BBQ lunch or nighttime waterfront celebration complete with live music. In the mood for Mexican seafood? Las Brisa’s got you covered.

And make a reservation at world famous Gosman’s Restaurant and Bar for the freshest of the fresh seafood. Did we mention the family style raw bar and lobster rolls, sweet potato crisps and coleslaw at Duryea’s? Really, the seafood options here are so amazing you might consider making your Montauk Bachelorette Party an all-day food tour.

But can you get a burger in Montauk?

Sure, you can get a burger, shake and fries. Hop on over to John’s Drive-in. And don’t forget to order the homemade ice cream. Or get your desert at Snowflake Ice Cream. Or Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices & Ice Cream. Okay, we have to stop…but you don’t. Keep eating…it’s all delicious.

Montauk Coffee and Fresh Juices

No article about Montauk would be complete without mentioning that this Hamlet has incredible coffee everywhere you go. Try Left Hand Coffee and then take a right turn and try a smoothie at Joni’s (just look for the marigold umbrellas). The words fresh-brewed, organic and natural are everywhere here, so go ahead and taste it all. With so much to do in a short time, a different type of coffee at every stop might not be such a bad idea.

There’s Always Time for a Little Shopping

With so little time in one weekend, you can still manage to pick up some local goods and goodies. If you spend any time at Gurney’s, you’ll have the opportunity to also spend some money in great shops with everything from boutique and handmade clothes to crafts. There’s always a little extra room in your suitcase, right?

The Last Word on Your Montauk Bachelorette Weekend

We know one weekend here is never enough, but don’t worry about doing it all; this East End getaway can be the start of many future returns. Aha moment! You can start a traditional anniversary celebration of reliving your epic bachelorette weekend every year! That way, you’ll keep having something new to Tauk about.

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