Bahamas Bimini Islands

About Bimini in The Bahamas

Bimini is the westernmost chain of islands in the Bahamas, located about 50 miles east of Miami. Bimini is made up of three islands: North Bimini, South Bimini, and East Bimini. The largest islands are North Bimini and South Bimini, so you’ll most likely stay on one of the two!

North Bimini is about seven miles long, and home to Alice Town, a collection of shops, restaurants, and bars on a road known as “The King’s Highway”. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities, because there are many shipwrecks in the area that make for fun diving experiences!

South Bimini is home to the airstrip, South Bimini Airport, and offers a quiet alternative to the lively nature of North Bimini. There is a small community of homes on South Bimini known as Port Royale, and an epic nature trail.

How long is the boat ride from Miami to Bimini?

The trip from Miami to Bimini will take about two hours and is scheduled to depart at 8 a.m. from Terminal H at PortMiami. Returning, the ferry will leave Bimini at 6 p.m.

How far is Bimini from Miami?

51 miles, more or less 44 nautical miles, is the distance to Bimini island from Miami (Florida). This ride takes 2 hours on the direct fast ferry of Balearia Caribbean. This ferry departs from Port Everglades, on Fort Lauderdale (Florida) at least 3 times a week or daily (in summer).

Things to do in Bimini Island, Bahamas


The world’s third largest barrier reef, countless blue holes, thriving coral reefs, and near-forgotten shipwrecks offer endless thrills for experienced and first-time divers. With visibility of up to 200 ft and warm waters through most of the year, The Bahamas stands without much competition as a leading dive destination.


Whether you’re a first-timer casting a line from a pier or a deep-sea fanatic eager to beat one of over 50 world records set here, The Bahamas is the ultimate fishing destination. The surrounding waters are bountiful, with everything from prized marlin to elusive bonefish, and 16 islands offer countless experiences.

3. Top Beaches

The Bahamas is known for its stellar beaches. With over 2,000 breathtaking islands and cays, and the clearest water on Earth, it's no wonder visitors come here from all around to sink their toes into miles of pure white, and in some places pink, sand-the very definition of paradise.

A. Gold Rock Beach

Located on the edge of Grand Bahama’s Lucayan National Park, Gold Rock Beach is one of the Caribbean’s most gorgeous beach destinations. A magnificent spot for sunsets, this beach was named after illuminated rays of sun displaying a golden appearance.

B. Tahiti Beach

Tucked away in the South of Elbow Cay, Tahiti Beach is surrounded by a lush border of tropical palm trees. Wonderfully secluded, most beachgoers arrive by boat at low tide, when the sprawling sand bar allows beachgoers to wade through shallow waters.

C. Treasure Cay Beach

Located in North Abaco, Treasure Cay Beach is a memorable must-see for anyone seeking serenity in The Bahamas. Here you’ll find unbeatable photo opportunities on secluded white sands with little to no tourists around.

Dining Options in Bimini Island Bahamas

1. Lobby Bar

2. Sushi Bar

3. The Tides Restaurant

4. Hemingway's Restaurant

5. Monkey Business Restaurant

6. Oasis Swim-Up Bar

7. Edith's Pizza & Takeout

8. Stuart's Conch Salad Stand

9. J & T's Daily Manner

10. Bimini Big Game Bar & Grill